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We are playing this Friday at The Firebird and it’s the last show for a little while. Noah is having a baby soon so were gonna take a little time to welcome the little one into the world! We’ll also be working on new material and recording for a new e.p./album/whatever.

So be sure not to miss it!

Check out the event on Facebook Here!


Come out to the next show and get a free tattoo!!!

For a little while any way. We have free temporary tattoos for anyone who wants to hang tough at our shows. But don’t worry they wash off so you don’t have to explain to grandma that you aren’t in a gang! Check them out!

Get Some Merch Dudes!

We got Soma bottle openers and self printed t-shirts! Get em’ both for $10 bucks and you’ll never go thirsty or shirtless again!



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